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to the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame (MAHOF). This website has been designed for you. Visit it often and find enjoyment in its content.

MAHOF's Purpose
The Midview Athletic Hall of Fame (MAHOF) became a reality in 1999 when the process began to select its first class in 2001. It was an outstanding class whose members epitomized MAHOF's purpose; to recognize former students of Midview High School and its predecessors (Belden, Eaton and Grafton High Schools) who through their efforts in athletics have brought honor and recognition to their school, the community, and themselves. Its further intent is to encourage our youth to excel in athletics while practicing good sportsmanship, scholarship and citizenship.

MAHOF further honors those who have made an outstanding contribution of time and effort in support of Midview's student athletes. They receive the “Donald G. Binnie Memorial Service Award” for their service.

The Midview Athletic Hall of Fame has two permanent homes.

bulletFirst is the display case, which honors each inductee. It is located in the lobby of Kubuski gymnasium.
bulletThe other is our website which is continually updated to provide you with current MAHOF activities.


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Rob Overy President
Dan Haight Secretary
Terry Hawke Treasurer

Tim Alcorn, Dick Bickel, Brett Boron, Craig Couch, Kim Gregory,  Dan Haight, Terry Hawke, Neale Horwedel, Kim Kauffman, Emmet Linkous, Dan May, Rob Overy Jr., Bob Overy Sr., Mark Trenchard, Jane Urig, Nick Walsh.

Midview Alumni

Since 1956, Midview High School has graduated thousands of students. This website will help you communicate with those classmates and friends that you may have lost contact with over the years. If you are trying to contact old school friends, then this is probably a good place to start your search. Help us make this site work! If you are in touch with Midview Alumni who are not listed here, please contact them and tell them about this site. If you have your own web site, it will help a great deal if you can add a link to this site. All alumni are encouraged to post their email address.

The Alumni Section also includes links to each of Midview's graduating classes from 1956 to present.  There's even a link for reunion committees to post information on upcoming class reunions.


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